We at Granite City Wanderers see coaching as a fundamental pillar of our success and future success. We believe that every player young and old deserves to be given as much assistance as we can to help improve their game. Our players are encouraged to get involved in coaching as young as possible in order that they can pass on any skills and tips they may have learned to others in the club. Any club member wishing to progress on the coaching ladder is usually supported by a financial contribution from the club towards the course costs.

Head Coach Sandy Keith is one of only three full time coaches throughout Scotland recruited through the Aberdeen Asset Management scheme. Sandy oversees a significant number of club training sessions within the normal week all supervised by Scottish Hockey qualified coaches. Sandy is also responsible for ensuring that our links to schools are maintained and that our youngsters get the best possible chance to enhance their hockey career.

The number of coaches within the club always fluctuates but currently we boast a level 3 coach, 4 level 2 coaches and 7 level 1 coaches. The club are always keen to expand its coaching strength so if you are interested in getting involved please just email Sandy at

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