Women's Fourth Team

We were delighted in 2007 to enter a development team into North District Division 2 - this decision was taken to make sure all the youngsters coming to our training had the opportunity of game time at a weekend as well as school hockey. This has been a great success and the team includes some of our youngest youngsters.  This works well and as most of the club/league games fall on a Sunday, there is no conflict between school and club hockey. 

The girls have gone from strength to strength and have established themselves within Division 2 winning games against much older and more experienced opposition. When working with this age group it is essential to have the support from parents/guardians and we are very grateful that we have this support which allows us to enjoy teamwork both on and off the field. The future of our girls section is very positive as the girls gain experience each game.

It is also hugely satisfying to see several of the players who played in this squad a few seasons ago progressing up the ranks and even reaching our First team to play National League hockey.

The team manager is Lorna Clyne. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact her using the “Contact Us” page.

We would also like to thank our generous sponsor the Rox Hotel for their support.

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