All Out at Weekend

It has been a busy week for the GCW captains as this weekend sees all 8 teams in action.

On the men’s side we have the GCW firsts fresh from last weekend’s opening 3-0 victory against Harris taking on their fellow Dundonians Monarch’s at Dundee High School pitches. Monarchs’ also got off to a winning start defeating Highland 3-2. A tough game is in prospect but a win would set a good tone for the season. Some may argue the “big game” of the weekend sees the men’s 2s take on the men’s 3s. The inter club derby tough though it is has been of good spirit lately and the 2s will be remiss if they overlook the new 3s side. This game is at ASV high noon on Sunday.

On the ladies side the 1s have their second successive away game this weekend when they take on St Andrews University. Once again both sides won last weekend so a tight contest is on the cards. The 2s are facing Marlins 2s at Rubislaw on Saturday at 3pm and immediately before them the Ladies 3s will take on Grammar 1s.

Sunday sees the Ladies 4s take on Marlins 3s at ASV at 1.30, The 4s are hoping to keep their winning run going. Also on Sunday at Noon the girls 5s take on Grammar 2s at Rubislaw, Good luck to all players and umpires this weekend.

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