Good Day for U12s and U14s

Saturday the 10th June was the day our U12s got a chance to play alongside their older club members in a festival held by Ellon hockey club. With school activities weeks prevailing getting the usual numbers was thought to be a challenge but GCW had the usual teams of 11 under 14s and 8 under 12s.

The under 12s had a great competitive morning playing against Ellon and winning all of their matches. The event was notable for the latest in the Walterson family to make their debut in Alix showing mum and dad how to score and get about the pitch. The 12s also featured newcomers Molly Spedding Also making their debut for the 12s were Molly Spedding  and Thea Aitken, Thea having just dried out from Thursday evening’s match at training.

The 14s had their own debutants in Susannah Grant and Jo Sharples. The 14s played 6 matches winning four and drawing two and only conceding one goal all morning.  Their final game saw them only needing a draw to emerge victorious but Sarah Anderson decided to settle all the young nerves by netting the winner in the final game.

Thanks go to Ellon Hockey Club for organising the day which went very smoothly.

Unders 12s Squad : Emily Harper,Iona Pirie, Alex Thomson, Thea Aitken, Alix Walterson, Molly Spedding, Isla Goodbrand and Ava Aimes.

Under 14s Squad :

Jess Barr, Connie Hatfield, Amy Simmers, William Strachan, Evan Mundie, Jo Sharples,Sarah Anderson, Martha Sheal, Lucy Carton, Susannah Grant and Katie Thomson.   

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