Silver for Ladies 2s - This Time

5am on the Sunday morning when your intrepid reporter rose to head to the National Hockey Stadium to watch/support the GCW Ladies 2s in their Dostrict Plate Final against Glasgow Accies. Little was known about the opposition as they were allowed to play their semi final at a venue closer to home. However we did have a little knowledge as past GCW players Fiona Crowe and Lisa Pascoe are playing for the Glasgow side.

I am sure most of you have seen the game on you tube so a blow by blow account may seem a little over the top. The game staretd and both sides looked nervous. The first 15 minutes of the match however saw the Glasgow side edge it as maybe the early start plus nerves were clearly taking its toll on the GCW girls.In 6 minutes however a break by Fiona Martin into the circle created a shooting opportunity but when she did not connect wit hthe ball the keeper dived out and also did not connect with the ball but contacted Fiona and the ball ran off the field of play. It could have been a penalty stroke but instead a sixteen was awarded.

Despite GCW being more in the game at this point they could not make their passes stronger and eventually paid the penalty when in 12 minutes along ball from the Accies 23 found its way through to Holly Belch outside the GCW 23. She collected and ran straight into the circle waited for the keeper to come and passed the ball into the net. This was hardly a fair representation of the game but it was a portent for what was to follow. The rest of the half was GCW pressing and  facing a massed Accies 31 minutes Niamh Duthie broke away with the ball and was fouled just outside the circle. The resulting crash ball gave GCW a corner. Claire Sevenoaks struck the ball well but the keeper got down and saved as the ball came back into play the ball bounced about until an Accies player cleared it left. The GCW corner defensive team was caught too high and the ball found Belch behind Fay Bruce and again she ran into the circle and pushed the ball under the keeper  for an undeserved lead of 2-0.And so it was at half time.

Could Phil Gaiter get his team out of their lethargy enough to force the game and pull back a 2 goal deficit was the main question as the second half began. GCW were certainly more decisive in this half this was emphasised by keeper Woodhams when in two minutes another long  ball found an Accies forward free and driving into the circle. This time however Woodhams decided to come and take the ball and block any chance of a goal by sliding.

GCW began to mount a siege on the Accies defence only briefly broken by long hits up field from the Accies defenders. A firm ball into the circle from Ruth Paterson just lacked a touch at the back post from forwards Duthie and Wordie but the positivity was beginning to show. With Paterson and Greenhaugh now stopping most long balls the GCW side began to gain more control. It was at this point that Hannah Lawire decided to keep everyone in Aberdeen happy by a fine goal. Wordie broke down the right and turned back to reverse sweep the ball into the circle Hannah picked the ball from the air turned and fired a high sweep into the Accies net. The crowd went wild, well those of us from Up North did.


The rest of the game was GCW pressure and stout defending of their circle by Accies. The only clear chances that did come were a reverse stick strike from Jen Tait and A front stick shot from Hannah Lawrie but both met a defender’s stick in front of the keeper and were cleared. So the game ended in a 2-1 win for Accies. The game was certainly frustrating for the GCW girls but the early nerves was the difference between the teams in the end. At least Hannah’s goal was the goal of the game.


Weekend Preview 4th/5th February

A world famous GCW Weekend Preview is long overdue.  With our National League indoor teams having completed their matches, the District Indoor Leagues reach the business end of their programmes.  What happened to the phrase “business end”?  One minute, every tennis match commentator was referring to the business end of every set, the next minute the phrase was left to touch base with the other blue sky, grassroots, over-used clichés at the end of the day.  To be fair, I digress.


Goal Avalanche Not Enough

he final day of the indoor National League 3 season was to prove tough for quite a few teams. The GCW girls headed into the day knowing they needed to gain 7 goals over rivals Grange or for some other team to do them a favour.

The writing was on the wall when Kelburne turned up without a keeper for their games which made life a little easier for the Grange outfit to stretch their goals tally than maybe they had been expecting. This also made it even tougher for the GCW girls to overhaul their rivals.

Nonetheless the first match the girls faced was against CALA. The last time they met the girls narrowly won but that was never going to be the case this time. Once Kirsten Watson scored the two opening goals it was always going to be how much GCW could score and stop the opposition from Scoring. The final score was 6-0

The second game left the GCW girls requiring 24 goals to win the league, a somewhat impossible task. The decision was made to forgo our keeper and see how we could press home and get the tally required. Stirling Wanders were playing a half court game but the constant pressure from the GCW forwards meant the ball hardly left the Stirling half. 7-0 up at half time the message was to be less anxious and move the ball across the court than dribbling directly at goal. The girls took the message to heart and produced an outstanding half of hockey to score a further 10 goals. 17-0 some might think the Stirling keeper had a bad game but the target probably would have been reached had she not brought off several fine saves from corners.


So the season ends with the GCW girls missing out on National League 2 on goal difference which is a pity as the performances since Christmas have been strong and the younger players are clearly benefitting from playing at this pace. There are still lessons to be learned but scoring 17 and not conceding any was the highest win of the season and with a total of 69 goals in a season we should all be happy at the result.


Indoor Mix For Girls

This weekend saw a mixture of indoor result for the girls indoor sides. With the 3s taking a sabbatical the 1s and 2s were the only sides in action.

Saturday saw the 2s with two matches. First up were Grammar 2s and although a  win was expected it was the manner of the win that was encouraging. The girls ran out fine 9-0 winners with the pick of the goals being a high net finish from skipper Stacey, although Fay may disagree given she got a couple.

The second match was a different affair with three players leaving and two coming in. The game did not get off to an auspicious start with Chloe Heron picking up a groin injury within the first two minutes. Despite a battling performance with most of the possession goals were not forthcoming and eventually Bon Accord took advantage and ran out 3-0 winners.

Sunday and it was off to Perth for the Girls 1s with games against CALA and Grange. The first half of the first game against CALA was not a pretty site with neither side getting any rhythm. However a simple pass into the opponents half to Sofia Gambro left her with a defender and keeper to beat which she managed comfortably for the lead. Disappointingly however slack play led to an unexpected CALA equaliser just before half time which made the team talk a little more spicy than otherwise might have been. The second half was a little better for the GCW side with more control and better passing and they raced ahead to a 4-1 lead before conceding a late consolation goal to the Edinburgh outfit.

The final game of the day was a table top clash between GCW and Grange. Given the form in the first game GCW were not confident. However the girls started very strongly and won a corner with their first attack. As the half wore on GCW had more of the play and were playing composed indoor hockey. In ten minutes the breakthrough came when a corner was netted by Sofia Gambro form the top of the circle. The lead lasted less than a minute however when a “robust” challenge by a Grange forward was allowed to progress and resulted in the equalised. This seemed to rock the girls and by the time half time came they were behind 5-1.

At half time it was about continuing to play composed hockey but add a bit of muscle to compensate for the opposition. The final reminder was that we could win the half 5-1 and level the game. The girls went out and dominated the second half. Any time Grange broke they were stopped in their tracks by solid indoor defending from Abby Miller and Lisa Clyne and on the two occasions they did get through Ciara Athawes was not to be beaten. This built the platform for controlling the ball in the Grange half and the deficit was down to 5-3. When Emma Cornwell back passed the ball along the goal line and somehow into the net we all expected it to be 5-4 but the umpire decided the shot was outside the circle which seemed unlikely. The keeper scrambling and panicked clearances abounded but the girls just could not force any more scores. An ironic day when winning the game we played poorly in and losing the game we played well.


With each team playing each other twice the final game of the season could be a title decider.


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