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Report from Cults - 2nd Feb

GCW girls 3rd team arrived at Cults full of smiles, as usual, despite most of them having had a full day of indoor hockey on Saturday in Perth when playing in the Scottish inter-district tournament.  The squad for the day was as follows Fay, Abby, Milly, Millie,Sofia, Anna, Lucy Kirsten and we also had Lucy Harris and Molly O'Bryne  there playing for Hazlehead 2nds as requested by them to help their numbers.  So with a total  of 10 girls there the games commenced.


The girls first game was in fact against Hazlehead 2nds and the girls scored within the first minute with a great individual run by Sofia, which always helps get the game off to a good start and they built from there and could have scored every time they attacked scoring a further 4 goals in the first half through great goals by Kirsten, Sarah and Millie S 2.  Half-time finished 5-0 to us and a great buzz and anticipation for the second half. The second half started with the same enthusiasm from the girls and it wasn't long until they added to their goal tally, through goals from Sarah, Abby, Milly M 2, Sofia, Anna R 2, and Millie S getting her hat-trick.  With Hazlehead scoring twice in the second half the game finished 15 - 2 with another great performance from our girls.


 Another - sit up and take notice game for the girls with 15 goals coming from


Sofia - 2


Milly M - 2

Sarah - 2

Anna r - 2

Abby - 1

Kirsten - 1

Millie S - 5

Well done girls and thank you to Sandy for his support.



Game two of the day started at 3pm which was always going to be a difficult one against a much older and experienced team,Aberdeen Ladies 2nds,but the girls are not phased and always play to their strengths. The game remained level until it was half way through the first half before Aberdeen Ladies scored their first goal.  The girls found scoring a bit more difficult in this game, not because they were not making chances but because Aberdeen Ladies goalie was having a great game and making things difficult! Aberdeen Ladies added to their score with another goal which was scored from a corner which was initially saved on the line by Fay but a follow up saw the ball cross the line.  The girls never lost faith and continued to play very well and their persistence paid off when we scored through Fay and added to our tally when Sofia also scored leaving the game evenly poised at 2-2 half time, which left the two teams with slightly different half time chats.  The game continued with Ladies pressurising us, but the the defence stood firm only conceding a couple more goals through corners taking the game to 4-2 before we came back with a goal from Anna, they stretched ahead again taking the score to 6-3 before once again we scored through Kirsten, Ladies scored another goal as the game came to a close  - game finished 7-4 which may not have been a win but it was  a brilliant performance by our girls once again.

 Well done all.


 Lorna and Lisa



Another Great GCW Day at Cults

Sunday 19th January started at 0900am when we met 27 under 14s GCW players at the venue along with Pauline, Sarah, Bryan, Gillian, Sofia and myself for a morning of indoor hockey.  The kids were split into 4 teams, orange, green, yellow and black, and each had a manager to help everything run as smoothly as it could for all, but especially those kids who have never played in a competitive game before.  The morning went very well for all and teams gained in confidence each game,  Sofia was a star as she umpired every game during the morning on our behalf, thank you Sofia.  It was nice for Bryan to see some of the children he knows and works with at Harlaw, playing with people they had never met but fitting in really well and in most cases scoring their first competitive goals.

GCW representation was well noted by others; we had more teams there than the rest of the district put together and despite playing some boys only teams, the teams played very well and the players left with smiling faces and already looking forward to the next festival.

Thanks to Kevin for organising this event and to everyone who was there for and behalf of GCW - Pauline Davidson, Sarah Morrison, Bryan Snelling, Gillian Holley and Sofia Gambro.

My day at Cults continued as I and others stayed on for more indoor at 1.00pm. Millie Skidmore, Milly Merry and Sofia took their packed lunches upstairs in preparation for their Div 2 district indoor game v Quasar 2nds - I cannot highlight the respect I have for these youngsters enough; they were wonderful.

The rest of the team turned up for the game, adding Fay Bruce, Fiona Young, Sarah Black, Kirsten Watson and Nicola Wordie to the three girls already there and we took to the pitch with the usual buzz of anticipation.  The girls were clearly playing a more experienced team but even when they went two goals down, they continued playing well as a team and reaped the benefits as they clawed back goals.  The game levelled out with both teams scoring some great goals and despite me trying to keep track of the score, as the game came to an end and I really had no idea of the score, but did know it was close.  We were delighted to find out the game finished 8-8 in what was another great game by the girls making teams sit up and take note of what we are producing and not to look on us as easy points.  Another great result with the girls playing two big teams in the last two weeks and deservedly coming away with 4 points out of a possible 6. The scorers on the day were:






Thank you to all those who coach and work with these kids throughout the week, they may not always be around to see them play but take it from me, they are a credit to you.


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