Indoor for Thrills

The National League Women set off for Bells this coming Sunday with excitement. Some 9 years previous the Ladies 1s won their way out of WNL3 in a tense weekend at Dundee University. This Sunday the girls have 3 games to gain six points to guarantee their second National 3 Indoor title. If this squad requires any good omens they can start by looking at their personnel. Shiona Brough is teh only player who survives from that day in a playing capacity but on the sidelines then was a 13 year old Emily Watson so there is experience to call on. That side went on to win National 2 and feature for two seasons in National 1 so let's hope they see this as a start of success and not just a conclusion of an indoor season.

The side features many youngsters getting their first taste of end of season excitement, an invaluable experience and one worth having. Sadly missing Eilidh Seedhouse this weekend because f other commitments her team mates will be aiming high and shooting low.

Team : L Clyne, C Athawes, S Brough, E Watson, J Barr, J Tait, K Watson,K Smith, A Miller,E Campbell. 



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