Feeling Champion

The final weekend of the Women’s National League 3 was to take place in the coaching Hall at Bells Sports Centre in Perth. This was to be either the “Theatre of Dreams” for the GCW Ladies 1s or “the Hall of Hell”. The glad news is was to be the former and the Ladies 1s won their second National League 3 title to earn their place back in Division 2.

The first game of the day would set the tone as the girls took on an ever improving Uddingston side. The girls showed their experience in edging into a 1-0 lead through Katy Smith but by half time a comfortable 4-1 lead was established. The second half saw a composed and controlled GCW game see the game out 6-2.

The remaining two games of the day were against Stirling Wanderers who had turned up with a full squad of twelve players for the first time this season. The first game was a bit more difficult than expected as the girls knew a win of any kind would leave them needing a point in their final game. The girls stuttered to a 3-1 lead at half time largely due to some concentration issues. The final score was to be a 4-1 win for GCW but the second half was a much better performance and Stirling had to thank a fine goalkeeping performance to keep the score so low. The final game of the day was again facing Stiling and this came around quicker as Uddingston scratched their game against Perthshire which gave the Perth side a 10-0 win.

The final game however saw the best of the now confident GCW girls. Some fine play in the first phase of the game saw them stretch to an early 4-0 lead. The game was all but over and the trophy won by half time but the GCW side powered away to eventually win 15-2. At one stage in the second half the whole GCW squad were 18 and under. The only 18 year old on the pitch being Abby Miller who broke away from her 9 day celebration of her 18th birthday to play.


Well deserved winners and the culmination of 3 years work getting ever closer and the title just about makes up for losing out on goal difference the previous year.

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