Opening Win for Ladies

An opening weekend game in Edinburgh against a recently relegated Grange side was a tough start to the league campaign for the Ladies firsts. Combatting heat and a strong opposition just proved however the kind of start the girls wanted.

The opening exchanges were even with Grange struggling to get shots on target and GCW hitting the target but not missing the goalkeeper. There were some dodgy periods leading to half time but the girls ground it out and at half time discussions on how to improve were had and implemented. The second half was mainly a GCW affair, Grange did have a couple of opportunities but the GCW back line was determined to maintain their defensive blockade. As the match reached the final 20 minutes GCW began to step on the gas and shots from Jen Smith and Jess Barr could have opened the scoring. However it took a strike from Emma Cornwell with 8 minutes remaining to breach the Grange defensive line following a sequence of shots in and out of the keeper. The last 8 minutes were a well controlled and in the end a deserved win  was completed.

The girls 2s had no such luck with a narrow 2-1 defeat to Grammar with both Grammar goals being well worked. The ladies 3s had a bit of a dodgy start in their game and were 5-0 down at half time but a stronger more organised second half saw them lose 6-0.

Sunday and it was the turn of the ladies 4s and 5s.First up was the Ladies 4s versus Grammar 2s. The fours set about the game with a positive intent and when Ava Airnes fired the ball across the circle a deflection from Esther Walterson started the goal machine. The game eventually turned out a 6-0 win for the 4s with Esther getting a hat trick.

The Ladies 5s were not so lucky coming up against a Highland 2s outfit which benefited greatly from some experienced players. The 5s lost 5-0 but the young side can be happy that they battled until eventually a stronger physical presence told for the Highland girls.

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