3s Win in the Sun

There was no ladies league game for the firsts this weekend as the game was rescheduled to accommodate Borders visit to Aberdeen. So it was the cup that would be their focus on Sunday when a trip to Glasgow was on the cards to play GHK. Sunday morning was bright and chilly in Aberdeen and a good spirit was evident. However just before setting off a call from GHK saved a long  trip as the game was postponed due to frozen pitch.

The ladies 3s therefore took top billing this weekend when they played Merlins 2s at ASV on Saturday. With no adults on the pitch for the 3s it was very encouraging to watch both their style of play and their control of the game.it took two excellent corner strikes from Zoe Bradford to put the 3s 2-0 up at half time and to keep a smile on coach Esther’s face. They dominated the second half and passed up a few chances but ran out comfortable 2-0 winners.

On Sunday the Ladies 5s got a chance to play in an entertaining game which produced no fewer than 9 goals. The 5s lost out 6-3 with the GCW goals coming from Esther Walterson (two) and a reverse stick flick from Elena Eguiagaray

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