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The Ladies 1s continued their National 2 programme in Dundee on Sunday and a smaller squad than the previous weekend set about three games in the day from 9am to 4.20pm. A long day but a reasonably successful day.

I will choose to omit the middle game against champions Western Wildcats. A defeat was anticipated but we did not play well and as the youngsters say “nuff said”. However the good news occurred either side of the Western game with two wins which were more comfortable than expected. The first up was a 4-1 win against Dundee Wanderers where a 0-0 first period was quickly turned around by a Jen Tait goal in the second period. Jess Barr added a further two goals rounding the keeper in surprisingly similar style. The final goal was a peach. Jess Barr fired the ball off the inside of the nearside upright across the goal into the opposite side net. In this case we can legitimately call it “straight off the training ground”.

The final game of the day was against a young Grove side where the girls ran out 8-2 winners. The score could have been greater but for some ambitious shooting and over running the ball but it was a pleasant way to finish the day. Abby Miller even having time to explain to her opposite number that she can beat her several times using the same skill.

Saturday was not so successful for the girls 2s with two defeats. It is however fair to say the performances were better and had they got a goalkeeper the scores would have been different. On Sunday the girls 3s took on Ellon in District 2 and ran out 6-0 winners with a hat trick from Esther Walterson.

In the morning on Sunday we had 16 youngsters out playing in the U14s looked after by Fay Bruce and Esther Walterson. The two sides played 3 games each side won 2 and lost 1. Not a bad weekend all round for the GCW Indoor Ladies.

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