Ladies Indoor Firsts finish 4th

It was the final indoor Sunday for the National League girls on Sunday with a trip to Perth. The girls needed 4 points to secure 3rd and 3 points  to secure 4th in the table.

First up was the game versus Bon Accord. This game went exactly as it did in on the previous match but on this occasion GCW went 1-0 up. The girls were in control of the game although ha couple of breaks by Bon Accord through the middle tested Jess Walker. However in the second quarter Bon Accord got an equaliser from a turnover ball and some confusion in the GCW defence. The game from this point was about GCW attacking and creating opportunities and the Bon Accord goalkeeper / defence performing stoutly. The game moved into its final phase at 2-2. The game then changed significantly when a lifted ball into the circle over a stick was not spotted by the umpire and Bon Accord scored. The girls came straight back but could not find the final touch their play deserved. Then with 10 seconds to go GCW got a penalty Corner. The umpire let the clock run down GCW took the corner and scored and to everyone’s surprise the goal was not given as the umpire had not dropped his hand. The retaken corner was saved and Bon Accord ran out 3-2 winners.

Game 2 looked more straight forward when Jess Barr fired home the GCW first corner and then in period 2 GCW extended their lead to 2-0. Late in period 2 Western got a gaol back and in the third period Western got an equaliser. Chances were being missed and the feeling of “here we go again” was prevalent. However with two minutes remaining a move through the middle found a pass to the back side of the goal for Eilidh Seedhouse to net the winner from all of a yard. The girls finished 4th but for a few strange moments in the season could have finished 3rd.

Saturday saw the GCW 2s take on Ellon and run out 6-0 winners which featured the 2s first appearance with a keeper all season. The girls were solid and made Brogan Wilson’s game as keeper very easy. Sunday the GCW 3s kept their results going with 7-2 and 8-2 victories.

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