Silver Medal for North at Indoor U18s

North District competed in the Inter District U18 tournament on Saturday featuring 8 Granite City girls. The whole squad competed well and controlled a significant portion of all of their games to eventually end up with three wins from four and the silver medal.

First game up of four was West. The girls got off to a good start when half way through the first half a penalty corner was fired in by Kassidy Mathers of the inside of the post to Jen Tait who forced it home. In the second period North got the comfort they needed when Katy Thomson received the ball in the circle and to her surprise passed around the keeper.

The second game up was East, never easy and when North were 2-0 in ten minutes and a jess Barr goal was chalked off things looked glum. However the girls fought back and Ailsa Phimster forced home a goal. Now it was on and the keeper Amber Deady was removed to add extra fire power but the girls could not get the equaliser and with 10 seconds left a broken passage  of play saw East edge their third.

Third game up was Midlands and the North took an early lead and then got a second before sealing victory with two late goals to win out 4-1.Sorry scorers I cannot remember them all.

Final game of the day was to win the silver medal and be in with a shout of the gold. An early first half goal from Kassidy Mathers was followed by a Jess Barr finish and late on when South had removed their keeper Ailsa Phimster finished the game off 3-0 to North.

It is a rare event when North comes away with a medal but all from the most junior in age to the captain played their part in an excellent tournament for North.

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